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A Norwich K1 night to remember

We had a great night representing local K1 at the fantastic Victory kickboxing series at the UEA Norwich. Whilst we didn’t get the results we wanted, our novice K1 fighters learned a lot and took much from it.

Claudio showed more heart and spirit than we have seen in a long, long time. He started of a little slower than we would have hoped but in the middle to latter part of the fight, dominated the shots, throwing more and causing his taller opponent some trouble, His opponent threw some nasty front kicks to Claudio’s head but he battled through and lost a close split decision. Claudio will be back stronger and will fight at his more natural lower weight.

Dan came out with enough energy to power a small town and really ignited the crowd. Whilst the energy was there, his focussed was not where it needed to be. He showed some great improvements from his first fight but he didn’t quite show his full potential and prove to everyone the great fighter that he is. Whilst he was ok to continue, he didn’t show the referee this, so the ref had no choice but to stop the fight after a knockdown.

Both our fighters showed heart, skill and willing and we have no doubt they will take things to the next level for Iceni Warriors.

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