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3 Types of Exercises to boost your immune system in 20 minutes

Have you ever considered fitness to strengthen your immune system? If not, then you better start giving more importance to exercise. Exercise can do more than just build muscles and make you look and feel good. 

Regular physical activity has the power to make you stronger and healthier in every sense. There are both mental and physical health benefits associated with any physical activity or sport that you may take part in. However, due to the current situation of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic fitness enthusiasts are now more interested in firming up their immune system to increase the chances of defending against the virus.  

As everyday positive cases of this infectious disease continue to emerge and increase while there is no end in sight to this pandemic it is only best that you continue to exercise to stay fit while you are quarantined in the home. 

More importantly, now that scientists have proved that 20 minutes of exercise or physical activity every day can improve your immunity against several infectious diseases and health conditions you must build an exercise routine to improve your immunity. 

 It is equally imperative that you do not overdo your workout or training sessions because when it comes to building immunity, not all exercises can do the trick and some may even make you more vulnerable to infectious diseases. 

 Therefore, choosing the best types of workouts that can make your immune system stronger is very important. To help you in this cause, here are the top 3 exercises that can prevent you from many infectious diseases and health conditions by boosting your immunity. 



Early morning walks, jogging in the park, or even running on your electrical treadmill in the home can boost your natural defense system. However, you mustn't overdo it because the longer you run the more stress hormones will be released and that can diminish your defense capabilities. 

 It is important that you do running-based physical activities only for about 20 minutes daily. To effectively and comfortably run you will need proper attire. Check out our recommended Born Tough workout jogger pants collection to find a comfortable running attire.


High-intensity physical activities can fire up your heart rate and increase your body heat. When you take part in strength training activities like lifting heavy weights or doing absolutely any physical activity that requires you to exert maximum strength can alert your defense system and increase your body temperature. 

 This increase in your body heat will prevent any bacteria or infectious viruses to grow or harming your blood cells. Again, do not take part in intensive physical activities for a long time because that can hinder the performance of your defensive system. 

 Before doing any intensive physical exercise ensure your body is comfortable in the apparel you are wearing and your arms can move easily. We suggest you wear Born Tough’s workout hoodies or sweatshirts to remain comfortable during your exercise sessions. 


A lot of people confuse HIIT or High-intensity interval training with Strength training workouts. But in reality, they are different types of workouts. In HIIT training you are required to exert all of your strength in a short period doing any activity and repeating the process multiple times according to your capacity. 

Any HIIT workout in which you give all-out to perform the activity will instantly increase the production and release of HGH or human growth hormone that will repair your brain and muscle tissues, boosts metabolism, and will strengthen your immunity. 

 As the pandemic situation is nowhere under control we must learn to protect ourselves and others from this health crisis. Among other precautionary measures like washing hands with sanitizers, social distancing, regularly exercising is one of the effective ways by which you can reinforce yourself against such infectious disease to stay fit. 

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