UCMMA 11, more wins for Iceni!

A great night of action at Open Norwich for the eleventh instalment of UCMMA contender series. 4 Iceni Warriors/Icon team competing. We had 3 K1 fights, including one title fight, plus a debut boxing bout.

First up we had Bradley Kemp; this was his 3rd fight and Brad was feeling positive and focussed before going to battle. Round 1 both fighters came out a little too eager with fists of fury, however this started to calm down mid way through round one and Brad took control of the fight with some nasty body kicks to his opponent. Round 2 Brad was little less aggressive and sat back a little too much, which meant he took a few too many shots, albeit not hugely damaging. This potentially lost the round. Round 3 however, Brad came out like a true warrior and gave his best, with it being his highest scoring round of the whole bout, giving Brad the unanimous decision win! Brad dug deep and didn't let up until he got the win.

Second of the Iceni fighters was Diarmuid; Irish pride and the punching power of Thor's hammer played a big part in this bout. Diarmuid walked in as casually as he walked out, which in total took about 4 mins, less than a minute of this being actual fight time. The horn went, the fight started, a kick from Diarmuid, a jab and a hook (quite a nasty one) from his opponent and then a small flurry of punches from Diarmuid, ending with a short right-hook, taking his opponent to the canvas, where he took up camp for a little while. Job done, fight finished, another Iceni win! Well done to Diarmuid and indeed all of Ireland.

Next up was Marcus, this time boxing. A (big) heavyweight bout, Marcus lost 10kg naturally in the run up to it (he didn't even need to). However, his opponent weighed 124kgs and was BIG for that. Fighting giants is not at all easy at the best of times, even more difficult with only a small amount of boxing training and it being his debut. Marcus sucked it up and came out calm, composed and ready to bang. Unfortunately his opponent caught him with some nasty shots early on and the fight was quite rightly stopped. Back to Kickboxing and MMA for Marcus for the time being but when you lose you learn, only way to get better is to get back to it!

Last up was Ash, this was a bit of a step up, with only a handful of K1 bouts behind him, Ash was fighting for the UCMMA Light-Heavyweight amateur title. A very game and more experienced opponent came out and Ash did not disappoint early on, he came back with some vicious leg. Round 1 was Ash, round 2 was close but his opponent gave a little more. Round 3 was lost and following this we had to throw in the towel due to Ash feeling he didn't have enough gas left in him. Ash was gracious in defeat and agreed that cardio will play a bigger part in fight prep next time around. We are positive he would have come back with the win had the cardio been there, once again the fighter learns and moves on. 

Onward and upwards Warriors, we will take them to school next time!

Well done to all of our opponents, their gyms and to every other fighter and gym who turned up on the night, we salute and respect you all!